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ASG Energy has a full line of Products and Electrical Services for all your government, industrial and commercial property needs. Below is a partial list of the ASG- Catalog. If your looking for something not on this

ASG Energy Current Featured Products:



The ASG-Versa is the first of its kind full range LED, that offers a unique design capable of functioning as a wall pack, wall sconce, area light, high bay or flood light. Versa can replace all exterior lighting allowing for a constant look, feel and design of your lighting plan.



ASG-TRK is an industrial and commercial grade track light head designed to replaced higher output HID and Incandescent track heads. Available in 95 CRI, this model produces the most life like images and color rendering available.



The ASG LED T8 Lamp is a Linear T8 LED tube that is ideally designed to replace traditional T5/T8/T12 florescent bulbs. This lamp enables a cost effective way to retain their existing fluorescent fixtures and still save utility costs by upgrade to LED technology. This light can be used in all indoor applications and exterior vapor tight fixture applications.



The ASG-Retro Kit are designed to allow cost affordable conversion from metal halide applications to LED. Retrofit kits feature a compact size to fit into all types of existing fixtures include wall pack, flood light boxes, Area Light, high-bay and Street light applications.

ASG Energy LED Lighting Catalog

DOWNLOAD THE ASG LIGHTING CATALOG Download the latest ASG Energy Lighting Catalog by clicking on the image above.

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