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Benefits of LED Lighting

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LED 101
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Lighting Discussion Topics: Benefits of LED Tube Lights over T-8 and T-12 Fluorescent Lamps

  1. LED Replacement Bulbs are More Efficient – So not only do you get more light from a LED replacement bulb, they use less wattage.  Our LED replacement bulbs only use 16-18 watts vs 28-32 watts with T8 making the LED significantly more efficient.
  2. LED Is A Directional Light Source and 70% more efficient- The LED replacement bulbs emits light at a 110 degree pattern vs the 360 degree pattern given off by T8 fluorescent bulbs.  In this case, only 30% of the light given off by the t8 fluorescent is actually hitting the intended target where 100% of the LED light is usable.  This means you are not using all available light because the fluorescent bulb is also lighting the fixture.  This difference makes the LED a more efficient light source as the light is pointed directly where you want it without waste, because of this we are often able to de-lamp T-12 and T-8 fixtures.
  3. LED Transfer Light vs. Heat – An LED fixture uses its energy to produce light.  Most lighting sources including fluorescent use heat to generate light.  This provides ancillary energy savings when LED’s are implemented through reduced HVAC costs.
  4. LED Still Give Off Light At End-Of-Life – A fluorescent bulb at the end of its life is very simple to spot, because it is DEAD, nothing left. A T8 bulb is considered end-of-life at 60% of its light output, which equates to roughly 14,400 hours. LED replacement bulbs on the other hand, calculate the end of life when they degrade to 70% of performance, which is approximately 50,000 hours of use.  In order to keep up with LED, you will have to replace the T8 bulbs 3.5 times
  5. LED Replacement Bulbs Have No Mercury, our bulbs are RoHS compliant – One of the most important differences between the technologies is the fact that there is no Mercury or Glass Content with LED lighting.  In the State of Washington alone, over 10 Million lamps are disposed of in landfills each year.  Those 10 Million lamps hold roughly 400 lbs. of toxic Mercury waste that gets deposited each year.  Washington State estimates that only 2 out of 10 bulbs are effectively recycled.
  6. LED Does Not Give Off UV – LED replacement bulbs does not emit any light in the non-visible light spectrum (UV).  UV/IR light causes colors to fade in fabrics, signage, while also being the leading cause for eye strain and eye fatigue.  Fluorescent T8 bulbs emit UV/IR light.
  7. LED’s are Instant On – LED’s are instant on without any noticeable “warm up” time.
  8. LED’s can be dimmable – ASG LED’s can be ordered as dimmable
  9. LED’s can enhance the learning environment – LED’s tuned to emit light in the 4500-5000K Kelvin scale are optimized for learning environments.  Studies have found that more “natural” light helps maintain cortisol levels which enhance student alertness and interaction.
  10. ASG Energy LED Tube Lights are PERFECT for retrofitting existing Troffer fixtures – ASG Energy LED Tube lights are designed to operate within existing troffer and linear light configurations, in fact they are UL certified to do so.
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