Dynamic Chiller Optimization

The Next Level of Retro-Commissioning

With successful implementations around the world since 2011, ECORE is ideal for facilities that have a central cooling system with a chilled water loop, large cooling loads, cooling costs that account for 30% or more of total energy costs and annual operating hours in excess of 4,000.

Benefits & Key Features

Cost Reduction

Performance Guarantee

Low Payback

The ECORE platform ensures that chiller systems run at optimal levels to deliver savings of around 20-35%.  of chiller system energy use and costs.

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Today's Challenge:

Air conditioning and air handling systems typically account for 40% to 60% of buildings electricity costs and when it comes to retro-commissioning for central cooling equipment,  incorporating dynamic variables into the equation in order to optimize your energy savings is significantly lacking.

ASG Energy has teamed up with Online Energy Manager, a company that has developed the Efficient Cooling & Refrigeration (ECORE) platform, a clean tech software program that saves between 15% to 40% of cooling energy costs.


ECORE delivers middle-ware technology that dynamically optimizes your existing central cooling system in order to maximize efficiencies across chiller settings, pumps, are handling units and cooling towers for optimal load balancing, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

Optimized Retro-Commisioning

While “Retro-Commissioning” efforts can address energy efficiency improvements to an extent, these efforts are limited in the fact that they only address static variables of energy efficiency and not the optimization of dynamic variables that impact energy utilization across the entire cooling eco-system.

When it comes to Central Cooling Chillers, the ECORE platform is designed to evaluate the dynamic variables, such as the constantly changing ambient air temperature and relative humidity – which directly impact the Condenser Water Entry Temperature (CWET) – and as a result this platform optimally balances the chiller loads across multiple chillers yielding significant energy and cost savings.

Maximum Results & Minimal Requirements

The ECORE platform has been designed in order to maximize the results and DOES NOT:

  • Impact the thermostat settings.
  • Have any disruption of operations.
  • Require any new HVAC equipment.
  • Have any upfront capital costs.

Paybacks that are 2-3 years, with the ECORE platform utilizes your existing equipment to automate settings for air or water cooled chillers in large buildings.

We provide a guarantee of energy and cost savings, and your payments to us are contingent upon our demonstrating the achieved savings.

Proprietary Technology

The technology underlying ECORE was developed by OEM in 2010 and patented in 2014 (Patent # US 8,660,702 B2). This proprietary approach is recognized as unique and unparalleled in the market.

Pricing Model

The basic ECORE pricing model is the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model in which you will realize immediate savings with no upfront capital costs, and the monthly or quarterly license fees are less than the savings achieved. We also offer a turnkey implementation model. With a one-time payment providing a two to three-year payback.

Non-Intrusive Implementation

The ECORE platform adds on to the existing equipment/system and represents a totally non-intrusive retrofit. It requires no interruption of facility operations and therefore no compromise in any operational and safety features or user comfort.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring interface displays system configuration, shows operating conditions of all equipment, summarizes performance characteristics, provides alerts of operations outside tolerance levels, allows for identification of operating issues, and facilitates troubleshooting and repairs.

Flexible Interface

OEM controllers can be interfaced through communication protocols with an existing Building Management System (BMS) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) of any make and model.

Automated Response

Once ECORE identifies the correct operating parameters, it functions independent of human intervention. The system will provide alerts of any issues that may degrade operating efficiency and recommend corrective actions to ensure ongoing effective performance.

If you have a central cooling system with a chilled water loop and your installed chiller capacity is over 200 tons, then the ECORE platform can significantly reduce your electricity usage and costs. 

To get started, we are offering to conduct a Preliminary Savings Assessment of your commercial and/or industrial cooling systems. Fill out the form above and download the One-Page Preliminary Savings Assessment.

If you would like to learn more, review customer case studies and read testimonials, please visit www.oem.us.com.

Dynamic Chiller FAQ's

Have more questions?  We have put together a comprehensive FAQ document that provides further details and answers to more technical questions that you might have.  Please click here to review the FAQ.