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Freeman Coliseum

San Antonio, Texas

ne of the most iconic and historical buildings in San Antonio is the Freeman Coliseum. When ASG Energy was asked to provide new lighting to this 10,000 person arena, we jumped at the chance to improve this amazing venue. Taking the light from 25fc to over 135fc and reducing the total consumption by 50%, LED Lighting enhanced the overall appearance and reduced the utility bill for the cities most majestic venue.

San Antonio, Texas

an Antonio Christian School converted all interior and exterior lighting to LED lighting technologies.  This installation reduced overall lighting energy consumption by over 60% and delivered zero maintenance for SAC’s for 5 years.  In the gymnasium alone, which house future College and NBA basketball players, ASG Energy reduced the overall utility consumption by over 60%, using 20% less light fixtures and 50% less power per fixture and improved the overall lighting power by 50%.
San Antonio School does full LED Conversion
Bank of Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado

tate bank wanted to reduce its operating expenses at its branch locations. ASG Energy converted several of the Bank of Colorado’s locations to LED, achieving thousands in rebate savings, improving light quality and reducing maintenance costs for the next 5 years.

San Antonio, Texas

nergized Real Estate corporate offices was comprised of high wattage MR-16’s, 150W incandescents, and inefficient linear lamps. By replacing these lights with efficient LED lighting ASG Energy was able to reduce their utility costs by over 60% while improving light levels, dropping maintenance costs and achieving almost $20,000 in utility rebates. Now Energized Real Estate is fully Energized by their new savings
Energized Real Estate Corporate Office LED Conversion

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