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Energy Audit

Let ASG Energy complete an audit and review of your lighting configuration, technology, controls, and operational practices.  We use this information to make recommendations to enhance and reduce energy use and improve lighting.  An on-site visit by an ASG Energy Representative will include a lighting system evaluation and brief interviews with facility stakeholders to gain an understanding of facility use, current levels of satisfaction with lighting and opportunities for improvements.  Following the on-site evaluation, ASG Energy will provide your organization with a recommendation that identifies opportunities to improve lighting energy usage and quality.

Economic Analysis

The purpose of an ASG Energy Economic Analysis is to determine what the most cost effective and economically advantageous solution is for your business.  This is accomplished through strategic lighting approaches coupled with aggressive energy consumption strategies to lower Total Cost of Ownership.  We work with your internal business management team to establish the most beneficial financial structure, implementation plan, and financing options to achieve your lighting and economic objectives.

Energy & Design Consulting

The ASG Energy team is comprised of experienced technical and engineering professionals that provide in-depth analysis and technical recommendations to customers. This is accomplished through strategic lighting approaches coupled with aggressive energy consumption strategies to lower Total Cost of Ownership.  In MEP Engineering and Design we use large partner firms that we have agreements with and support us in doing design build, planning and redesign for commercial and industrial energy efficiency.

Rebate Management

Rebates differ by region, locale and Utility Company, each having their own individual ways of calculating savings.  Some energy providers focus on Kwh savings, while others use prescriptive methods for individual fixtures.  ASG Energy is experienced working the many diverse rebate strategies.  Knowing, understanding, and performing rebate and incentive management are critical steps to the success of your lighting upgrade and ASG Energy handles every step of the process.


ASG Energy leverages our own teams as well as local qualified installers in regional markets to install products and solutions.  Our installation teams work hand in hand with the ASG Energy project delivery experts to ensure that our customer’s projects are completed on time and on budget.  Working with and around customer business schedules is important to us, we work hard to ensure we improve your business, not interrupt it.

Power Services

In certain key markets ASG Energy has the capability to provide electricity supply services to large customers in partnership with our large partners in electricity production.  This service is tailored to reduce electricity experience rates to enhance overall energy costs.

Strategic Sourcing

ASG Energy sources products globally.  Certain key products are assembled here in the US across different assembly and manufacturing locations.  ASG Energy is working to create as many domestic employment opportunities as possible in communities across the United States.


ASG Energy is a project solutions firm.  We manufacture products leveraging a Just in Time methodology to meet specific project and customer requirements.  If you are interested in learning more about ASG Energy products and how they can benefit your organization or customers please contact us.

Warranty & Support

ASG warrants its LED lighting products and accessories to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 36 to 60 months.  If an ASG Energy lighting product fails to operate during the warranty period, we will provide a free repair or replacement of the failed product.
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High Quality LED Products

ASG Energy only sources the best LED materials and products for your project.

The Future of LED Technology

Watch Harald Hass’ amazing TED Talk on how we can use LED light bulbs to transmit wireless data.

Steps we always take in all lighting projects

  • Conceptualization

    We get a sense of the size of the project and discuss goals and objectives with your team.

  • Energy Audit

    Next, we conduct a full energy audit to show you ROI and payback on our system.

  • Design

    We then create a full design and schematic of your plan with a timeline of the project.

  • Execute

    We execute the project in conjunction with your facilities management team.

  • Support

    We warranty our products and service for 5 years with our Worry-Free Support.

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